Fun and Gardens

Mom and I became friends, and not just mother and daughter, while working on our gardens together.  Her father was born in the 1890s, and only ever knew "the old ways", or what has popularly become termed Organic, so that's what we did.  Mom became one of the very first Master Gardeners in Montgomery Co.  Then she bought Bill Mollison's first books on Permaculture, and The One Straw Revolution, and we read them together. 


My future husband joined us, and we hauled manure, and leaf mold and tilled and planted and hatched ideas and plans together.  We figured that if love could survive a steaming compost pile, it could survive anything!  We were thrilled when Whole Foods first came to Houston, and they told us that they'd buy everything that we could grow!  We went straight out and quadrupled the size of the garden. When things began bearing, and we took our first fruits to market, we were crushed when they said "No thanks, we're bringing everything in from California, instead". But that didn't stop us. We got to know every Health Food Store around. They loved our organic veggies and we canned like mad!  We learned about Winter Gardening, which produces spectacular produce. We learned about Lasagna and No Till gardening, which doesn't beat the body and soil up like working in Black Gumbo can.


Though Mom has gone to her reward, she's still with us every day, in the garden!

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

This is a mockup. Publish to view how it will appear live.

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